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Christmas is literally at the door! There is no time left. All preparations culminate. The housewives make the last pounds of candy, the children can’t wait for the arrival of Santa Claus and dads are preparing Christmas trees. But instead of joy and expectation, do you feel anxiety, stress, and sadness? Your bank account is stagnating and you will not have enough money for fancy gifts? We have a quick solution for you!

Our payday loans direct lenders only are here to help, do not hang around forever

If you immediately take action if you immediately send us a non-bank loan request and if you immediately send us all the necessary documents so that we will not delay anything, you can have the money within 48 hours of your account. On working days, we approve requests almost immediately. So, you can do everything and arrange it!

How much can you borrow?

You can borrow from 10 000 CZK to 600 000 CZK. Therefore, this year, Christmas can be very generous. You can repay such a loan for up to 120 months. It does not mean that you have to return the money right after Christmas. You will have enough time and space to pay them back. On the other hand, you can repay your loan at any time, that’s at your discretion.

What do you have to do for it?

You must be over 18 years of age to earn this loan, earn a regular income, and not be in execution or insolvency. In addition, of course, logically, you need to have an active bank account to receive your money and two IDs to prove. That is all. You will not need any property to pledge, no guarantor or any partner to sign the contract.

Where do I apply for this loan?

And where can you apply for payday loan direct lender only? Either directly on our website Thanks to this, you have the certainty of the best conditions, because we can rebuke them for you.