A Quick Loan Without Unnecessary Formalities Banks and Loan Companies

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A quick loan without unnecessary formalities, preferably from the hand, is especially useful when you suddenly run out of money. One of the solutions may be to use the offer of quick internet loans or a cash loan at the bank. Nothing, just borrow…

We are very eager and, more importantly, using various forms of financing our financial goals. We not only use bank loans, but also non-bank loans, especially loans from online loan companies ( Short-Term and Installment Loans ).

Not so long ago, in loan companies we took short-term loans up to € 1000, nowadays we are more and more willing to reach for non-bank loans in installments. Much more expensive than the same loans taken out in the bank.

We borrow willingly, but not every borrower is aware of the consequences of borrowing. It is important to follow a few basic rules, and before we decide on a loan.

A quick loan without unnecessary formalities. Not just a non-banking one

A quick loan without unnecessary formalities. Not just a non-banking one

Every rule below is valid and none of them has much priority over another. Attention! A quick loan without unnecessary formalities is possible in both loan companies and banks. What formalities must be met in order to receive such a loan? It depends not only on where you borrow and for how long. This primarily depends on the final assessment we will receive when assessing creditworthiness.

Before you decide to borrow, you need to consider whether you actually need such a loan now and it is necessary to take advantage of the bank offer ( Loans and Cash Loans ) or non-bank loans. Maybe it will be possible to put down the money and in time to realize the goal with savings?

Loan offers, like loan companies, are very much. Use proven and reliable loan companies. You can check a specific loan company and the services it provides. On the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority you will get acquainted with the list of public warnings, which contains a list of entities to which notifications of suspicion of a crime have been made. This can protect you against choosing an unreliable lender.

Be sure to compare different loan offers. Whether you decide to get a loan from a bank or a loan company, check the total cost of the loan and its APY. Only the comparison allows for a better choice. A cash loan is not only a nominal interest rate, it is often displayed in advertisements. It also includes all other fees and costs, e.g. commission, insurance, administrative fees, etc.

Read every contract and regulations. If you do not understand specific points in the contract, ask the representative of the institution in which you want to borrow money. You can also ask someone from friends or family for help. You will also get free legal assistance, among others at the municipal or poviat consumer ombudsman.

Signing the contract, despite the fact that we have not read it, does not release us from the obligation to comply with the provisions adopted by the parties.

The right to withdraw from the loan agreement

Consumers are additionally protected by law and are entitled to withdraw from the contract. The consumer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of its signature, without having to cause reasons for withdrawal. Even when the loan was collected by us. We will then refund the amount of the loan plus any interest that has accrued from the date of payment. If we want to withdraw from the contract, we should send a written statement to the lender. Each loan agreement should contain a record regarding this possibility.

An example of an agreement about withdrawal from a loan:

5 Withdrawal from the Loan Agreement

1. The Borrower shall have the right to withdraw from the loan agreement without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of concluding the loan agreement. The effect of the borrower’s performance of the above-mentioned right is the termination of the loan agreement.

2. The Borrower who withdraws from the Loan Agreement may send a statement to the LOAN NAME, a specimen of which is attached as Appendix 1.

3. The date for withdrawal is met if the borrower before its expiry: 1) in the case of a written form – he will submit a declaration of withdrawal to the address of the registered office of the BORROWING NAME. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to send a statement before its expiry. 2) in the case of an electronic form – submit a statement to the email address NAME OF THE LOAN. To preserve the deadline, it is sufficient to enter the message into the means of electronic communication in such a way that the lender can become familiar with its content. 3) in the case of a documentary form – he shall submit a statement in the form of a document in a manner enabling the person making the statement to be determined.

4. The Borrower does not bear the costs related to the withdrawal, with the exception of the capital interest for the period from the date of payment of the loan to the date of loan repayment.

5. The borrower is obliged to immediately return the loan with interest on capital. However, not later than within 30 days from the date of submitting the statement of withdrawal.

It is also very important that we NEVER borrow more than we need (“on stock, or it may be useful”) and do not borrow when we know it will be difficult for us to pay the loan on time, even if the lender considers that our creditworthiness it’s enough. We ourselves know best what our current financial situation looks like. “Quick loan without unnecessary formalities” – article from the series “Before you decide to borrow”.